EIFAF, 21-29 Juli 2018 - Festival Kota Raja VII, 28 Spt - 7 Okt 2018

"Pelaksanaan Erau Adat Kutai & 6th International Folk Arts Festival (EIFAF) dilaksanakan pada tanggal 21-29 Juli 2018 di Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia"

Rabu, September 09, 2009



The Ganjar Ganjur dance is an original tradition of the Kutai Kartanegara palace and usually perform in big ceremonies conducted by the relatives of the Palace such as: ceremony to welcome the great guest, the ERAU traditional ceremony, the prince Crowned ceremony, etc. Perform by male dancer called “Beganjar” and female dancer called “Beganjur”.

The male dancer wear costum called “Miskat” as the shirt, and “Dodot” as the pans, while the female wear “Tawo” as the shirt and “Tapih” as the pans. Each dnacer brings a kind of dancing equipment called “Gada” for male and “Kipas” for female. The music used in this dance is gamelan consist of “Bonang” as the melodies and gendang to support it.


The art of “Jepen” (in Kutai language) is the art of Malay tradition of Kutai Kartanegara Society. In Malay term (Sumatera), this called Zapin. This art has live and grow in accordance with Islam civilization entered Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan and can be found along the coast of the Mahakam river. This dance is usually perform by the young, using “Gambus” and “Ketipung” or kind of “Marwas” and other percussion.

It is dance that not leave its origin manner which is called the manner of honor, wave, half and full samba, gengsot, broken chicken, horse shoes, etc.


Kancet Lasan Po’ Buruy is a dance from Dayak Kenyah tribe in Hinterland of Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan. This dance tells about a group of young man hunting in the forest but came up with nothing, until they saw a bird called Enggang bird. It flew from a tree to tree. And they capture it, then there was an argue about having the bird kept a live or killed. In the middle of argumentation, the bird surprisingly turned into a beautiful princess and beg them not to kill her and promised to give a dancing lesson to all the young villagers. After the princess finished giving the dancing lesson, she asked to be released, so she can fly back to nirvana and they released her with joyful. Therefore the Enggang bird a symbol of peace and becomes a symbol of nobleness of the Dayak Kenyah Tribe.


Is the dance that not leave the origin basic move of Bekian dance, “Ngelawai” dance, “Gantar” dance, which comes from the Dayak Benuaq-Tunjung tribe. Inspired from a ritual ceremonies to heal disease and illnesses started with “Memang” and followed with the sound of God’s flute as a symbol of calling the spirit and ended with praising the spirits to ask for help. Other music instrument that is used in this dance are Kelentangan /Gamelan Benuaq-Tunjung, Gendang, and Gong.

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